WindCurrent is honored to provide Renewable Energy Certificates to two of NASA's exciting technology centers.

Langley Research Center (Langley, Virginia)

Near the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay in Hampton, Va. NASA's Langley Research Center was the initial home of the first astronauts, the Mercury 7. Now the Center is working to design and test a new launch abort system for the next generation space capsules.
Researchers at Langley are also focusing on some of the biggest technical challenges of our time: global climate change, access to space and revolutionizing airplanes and the air transportation system.

Johnson Space Center (Houston)

For more than four decades, NASA’s Johnson Space Center has led our nation and the world on a continuing adventure of human exploration, discovery and achievement. From the early Gemini, Apollo and Skylab projects to today’s space shuttle, International Space Station and Exploration Programs,the center plays a vital role in transcending the physical boundaries of our planet to further our knowledge and enhance our quality of life. The center’s team of dedicated professionals has made advances in science, technology, engineering and medicine that enable us to explore our world and universe as never before, and to derive unparalleled benefits from that exploration.