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3-Day-a-Week Mail Delivery ?

Due to the decreasing need for Snail Mail, the US Postal Service is proposing moving from 6-day-a-week to 5-day residential mail delivery. We think this is a step in the right direction. However, in light of America's increasing ability to move things by E-mail, and our need to quickly decrease our dependence on imported oil, America should move to 3-day-a-week residential mail delivery. (maybe Mon-Wed-Friday for half the US ZIP codes, and Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday for the other half of the country)

Why 'GPM' should replace 'MPG'

It's easy to compare the fuel-efficiency of cars that get different gas mileage, right? Just compare the MPG number of the two cars.
It's not that easy: Instead of MPG, gallons-per-mile (GPM) is actually a far better way to compare two cars' fuel efficiency.
On YouTube, two Duke University professors make the case for replacing MPG with GPM. (click here)

"But There's Plenty of Oil Left"

There is lots of oil left - but "lots" is relative, and much of that "lots" is in places with tenuous political situations. Here is the world's dipstick: How much oil is where, courtesy of Michigan Tech. (click here)

Just for Fun

Each month we will have a new contest in this spot. This month's challenge - the three pictures at the top of this page are all from one famous piece of architecture some where in the world. The first person to Identify this building will receive a $50 gas gift card.