LEED® Projects: The Green Power Point

Since the early days of LEED, WindCurrent has helped LEED project managers earn their Green Power points. We have supported several firsts (first Platinum state office building, first Platinum hotel, first 100% wind-powered city buildings). But it’s probably our quick and friendly service, simple contract & attractive pricing that turn many of our customers into returning customers. And with WindCurrent’s all-LEED AP staff, your question will be answered by someone who understands LEED.

The World's Fastest LEED Point

If you call in the morning, we can get full LEED Green Power Point documentation out to you the same day.

Our Postcards: Wish You Were Here!

We sometimes highlight our customers' successes with one of our periodic postcards, which we mail to people in the sustainable business community. Call or E-mail and we'll send you our most recent copies.

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