WindCurrent has greened thousands of government buildings around the globe. Our customers have spanned a wide variety of federal, state and local government organizations, from local communities to the Department of Homeland Security.

For large purchases, please send us an RFP - or we can help you write one.
Small purchases can be sole-sourced.

Here are a few of our recent government customers:

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Fort Meade, US Army
Internal Revenue Service Building
Missouri Deparment of Natural Resources
National Institutes of Health
Deparment of Veteran's Affairs
US Deparment of Agriculture
US Deparment of Energy
US Air Force Academy
US Department of Interior
Dyess AFB, US Air Force
US Department of Homeland Security
National Institutes of Health
General Services Administration
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Ogden, Utah
Jefferson City, Missouri
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Colorado Springs, CO
Washington, DC
Washington, DC
Bethesda, MD
(3500 US federal buildings in 21 states)